Fine dining in your dining room


Chef Emilie Friedman

After graduating with top honors from the French Culinary Institute in NYC in 2009..


Emilie has worked at some of the finest restaurants in New York City, under the most renowned chefs, before bringing that skill and technique into client's homes as a Private Chef and Event Chef.  

By working individually with clients to create menus and dishes that are inspired, flavorful and comforting, I am able to tap into a kind of intimacy that is difficult to achieve in a restaurant setting. I love working with and connecting with people, and I believe there is a sort of revelation and joy that can be experienced through a profoundly special home-cooked meal. 

 The magic of food is that it is both a fundamental human need as well as one of life's ultimate pleasures. My attention to cooking as a craft and act of love allows me to express my care and gifts for nurturing and creation; ultimately, my passion for cooking is a recipe of vision + technique + joy that brings me so much pleasure to share. 

I chose to cook with finest ingredients available. This often means direct purchases from local farmers; I prefer to source as ethically as possible, and purchase only fair trade / co-op sold ingredients when unavailable locally. I mainly prioritize vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian diets, but I am happy to work with wild fish and sustainably raised meats upon request. 

I ask that you take into consideration the quality of ingredients when budgeting for your event, dinner or class.