Laura Wald, nyc

" I look for creativity and a true love for food when choosing a caterer and Emilie delivered in every way. When I entertain, it’s extremely important for me to make sure every guests’ palate is pleased and that everyone has plenty to choose from whether they be vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise. I want no one to go home hungry for lack of exciting options. I believe that a truly great chef not only knows how to prepare meat, but also meatless dishes that are well-balanced, beautiful, and wow the guest. Emilie is that kind of chef. She and her staff will always be welcome at my home and I would recommend them to anyone."

Betsy Shulman, NYC

"Emilie arrived well-prepared and had already answered our questions in advance so there were no surprises - except how wonderful everything tasted! The menu was pre-selected from an array of delicious "bites" that we paired with specific wines based on her recommendations. She agreed to describe the source and ingredients at our request, but spent most of her efforts turning out platter after platter of delicious morsels. She left the kitchen spotless. I highly recommend Emilie for your next party or special meal. Yum!”

Terry Polk, Hamptons

 “Emilie - what can I say? Divine! 
You must tell me what you put in those sweet potatoes bc they were DELICIOUS and I can't believe they are healthy! Loved loved loved the beet greens and next time want you to make those again but make A LOT of them! And how can you go wrong with steak? J'adore gremolata! You knocked it out of the ballpark with that stew. Beyond yum!!!!! Many, many thanks! It is such a pleasure to meet you." 


Holly Cornell, NYC

" Fantastic!! Emilie cooked for a party of 8 on my birthday, and I can not recommend her more highly. The sprouts were the best I've had, and each guest was hugely complimentary. Emilie was thoughtful and timely, and the food presentation was beautiful. Thank you for a memorable birthday dinner! "


"Emilie, everything is amazing. I am obsessed with the food. Cupcakes are great and I'd love to know what's in them. They taste delicious yet healthy! Thank you!”

Nick and Leah Romito, nyc

"Emilie made our Valentine's Day so special. Their food was so delicious; restaurant quality. On top of that, they're so thoughtful, super fast, and offered beautiful presentation and quality. We will absolutely recommend them (and hope to hire them again!). "


If you are interested in booking Emilie for live-in services and would like additional references, please feel free to get in touch!