Weekly Meal Services


Weekly Meal Service

Prepared in your home or dropped off for your convenience


Personal Chef Weekly Service is available in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.

Chef Emilie will arrive at your home with the freshest farmers market and organic groceries and prepare 6-7 dishes for you to eat throughout the week, or you can arrange for Emilie to cook off-site and drop off the prepared items.

This service is great for busy families and professionals who want to eat homemade, well sourced and delicious food but may not have time to cook. Clients include those on special diets, picky eaters, and individuals recovering from illness and surgery.

It also makes a great gift for a busy mom, older adult, or anyone in your life that can use a break from cooking!

  • Price is inclusive of 5 servings of each item to mix-n-match with reheating instructions; additional servings can be added by request.

  • In-Home visits typically take between 2-4 hours, and after the initial visit, many clients are out-and-about when I arrive.

  • Packages start at $350 + Groceries for 2-3 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 starch sides, with discounts for purchasing regular visits. Trial visits begin at $250.

Please get in touch if you would like to start a weekly service. Chef Emilie will reach out within 2 business days to send you an ingredient survey to get started!